Why doing cardio after weight training facilitates excess fat burning in your body

Cardio is extremely important for weight loss and a step in bringing in that sharp look to the muscles.. Getting your heart rate up aids in the fat burning process and keeps your heart healthy and increases blood circulation. Traditionally, cardio is done at the beginning of the workout. However, studies have proven that when cardio is done after strength or weight training, it accelerates fat loss. Let’s look at the reasons as to why this happens.

It increases energy

When we exercise, our body uses the stored energy in our muscles which is called glycogen. If glycogen levels are low, our energy levels are affected. If you eat less carbs, you have less energy during exercise. So when you do cardio before strength training, you utilize your body’s energy quite quickly. And if you use that energy at the beginning of the workout, you won’t have energy left to lift weights.

Changes in Blood PH levels

When you complete your cardio routine, your blood becomes more acidic because energy gets broken down and is utilized to make lactic acid. Thus, your blood becomes more acidic. This causes muscular weariness and performance drops. So instead of using the energy you need for heavy resistance training, doing cardio first also makes it harder for you to contract the muscles.

Hormonal Changes

When you complete cardio first, cortisol is increased, along with simultaneous increase in testosterone. Cortisol breaks down muscle so that your body continues to receive energy. When you are doing strength training, your cortisol level will go up, and so will your testosterone levels. This will ensure that you have energy for the workout and also for the muscle building afterwards.

Exercise Feels Harder When You Cardio First

If you do cardio first, exercise will feel harder as compared to if you did strength training first. But, the impact of both is the same. So, opt for cardio after your strength training.

Minimized Risk of Injury

If you do strength or weight training post an intense cardio session, you will be fatigued which will in turn increase the chance of injury and thwart you from completing the workout. On the other hand, if you do your cardio after your strength training, you will be able to complete the workout without risking any injury.

Doing is believing and we believe, unless you find results yourself you shall not just put your trust on anything just by hearing or reading. One month is enough to review if a particular regimen is working for you or not. So we say Execute, Learn and Know.


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