While lifting weights at the gym, quality is more important than quantity.

Somehow, people still continue to believe that when exercise is concerned quantity takes precedence over quality. This is however not the actual truth. When it comes to lifting weights, it is very important that one does quality based exercised and not just countless reps which will simply waste one’s time and energy.

Let us first understand how one builds muscle. When it comes to building muscle, a lot of people brag about how many sets and reps they do. However, what matters is how many quality reps they do. Building muscle is all about from rebuilding the same muscle one tore down in the gym. Yes, it is the recovery of muscles that is important. If you do not eat well, get enough sleep, and get rid of stress, your hard work in the gym will be a waste.

A balanced and nutritious diet’s importance cannot be downplayed.  Eating the right foods enables you to build the muscle as much as possible. It also helps in eliminating fat. Another important factor is sleep. Sleep is equally as important to eating enough healthy foods because your body recovers the most when sleeping. When your body goes to sleep, it shuts down various functions of the body and focuses on rebuilding muscles and recovering your central nervous system.


Eliminating stress is important for your lifestyle. Lifting weights, stress, anxiety, and other stressful factors adversely affect your nervous system. You can get sick; become weak, hit plateaus or even worse. So if you wish to reap benefits from your exercise, do what it takes to be stress free. Calming activities like yoga, long walks, meditation, music and dancing are all effective and help you relieve stress.


So how does one programme their workout to get the quality results? It’s simple. When you are lifting weights, concentrate on each rep and each set of each exercise. Instead of trying to squeeze more out of your already exhausted muscles, pick quality challenging exercises and couple them with good recovery movements.


To conclude, don’t go by the fads of the more the merrier. When it comes to exercise it all about the parts that you do right.  Eat healthy, get proper sleep, keep stress levels low, and do quality weight lifting in the gym if you want to build muscle and get stronger. Also, take adequate rest and you shall see results soon.

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