What Do the People Who Have Achieved Their Dream Physique And Fitness Levels, Have In Common?

John F. Kennedy once said that “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” The statement is absolutely true and that is why if you observe people who have achieved their dream physiques you will realize that they have certain traits in common; whether physical or behavioral. That is because a dream physique is influenced by many factors. Today we are going to discuss each of them in the context of a dream physique. Let’s call them all the factors that lead to ultimate fitness’.



Your lifestyle is closely related to exercise which in turn influences your fitness level. Anyone who has achieved his/her dream physique understands that fitness reflects your way of life. If you consistently dedicate a few hours of your day to exercise you will not only have an athletic built body but you will also learn how to incorporate routine in your life.


Your diet breeds discipline while at the same time contributing to your dream physique. Simply put, diet refers to what you put in your body (food and nutrition). Anybody who has achieved ultimate fitness will agree that a good diet is arguably the best discipline training method because the daily regime teaches your mind and body to stick to what is right (which in this case is a good diet) and avoid distractions.


Another component of physical fitness is right guidance. According to numerous studies, physical activities like running, jogging, swimming, and others play a very big role in developing cognitive skills and the ability to learn. But how does that relate to our topic of the day? Well, ultimate fitness is achieved when you can use the right guidance to achieve your dream physique. It means you need to be guided in the right direction so that you can achieve what you desire to change in your physique and where you lack. Sometimes you may get a good coach but it is always best to use the law of hit and trail and understand yourself the dynamics of your physique and to what it responds better. Therefore, the more you incorporate the culture of fitness in your life the easier it becomes for you to follow instructions from instructors (like yoga, aerobics, cardio and gym instructors).

Goal oriented

People who have achieved ultimate fitness have an outstanding ability to set and follow goals. That is because fitness and goals go hand in hand. Most of the time we embark on fitness activities in order to achieve one thing or the other (goal). For example, some people do it so as to be athletic built, others to lose weight and others to become energetic. Regardless of your reason, you have to set your goals. If you stick to your fitness regime strictly and without falling victim to distractions then you will train your mind and body to be goal oriented.

Making sacrifices

Fitness is an everyday choice. Of course, it takes a long time for you to achieve your dream physique. That means every day you have to make a choice to forego other things (no matter how pleasurable they might be) for the sake of achieving ultimate fitness. Just don’t lose your focus and you start loving these sacrifices you make as these after a period of time become your lifestyle.



Finally, everyone who has achieved his/her dream physique has also learned to be respectful. Fitness cultivates the culture of respect for people, institutions, and even equipment because every time you have to exercise or eat right you find that you also have to interact with them (people, institutions and equipment). Consequently, your behavior is what determines the amount of utility you can get from them. The more respectful you are the more the gains. Eventually, this respectful habit spreads to other spheres of your life subconsciously. It is as simple as that “give respect and you will be given respect”

Now you know the things that people who have achieved their dream physiques have in common. Try to develop the traits in you and soon you will be on the road to ultimate fitness. Actually these are just good habits which are not really hard to inculcate in your daily life but what is harder is to make your will and goals aligned.






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