Steroids- A False Hope

Steroids- A False Hopes

You must have gone through a lot of infomercials, videos and ads telling you that they know the secrets of getting rich and how to gain big money fast.

The same way you encounter n number of bodybuilders and fitness junkies on youtube, facebook, and almost everywhere on the web booting of how disciplined and motivated they have been to get to a carved and caricature type body they show off.

They tell you they know all the right things, which you should follow to get a body like they have. They will explain the exercises, workout routines, diets and in some cases even the minimal supplements. But what they never tell you is the amount of steroids they take and since how long.

The reasons are simple: Steroids are banned and not legal and why the hell shall they reveal they took heavy doses of unnatural substances to build the God like body they are boasting of.

Most of these are ripped beyond belief be it men and women, they have the perfectly striated glutes, delts that balloon out and taper like Q-tips on top of their arms and deep cut six packs. But the truth is that this is something you can not achieve via training and nutrition alone. (try it and you’ll agree)

As per them you can achieve the look they have gotten by becoming disciplined as they are, incorporating the same workout regimes and finally signing up/ subscribing with them.

If you visit the gym daily then you must be aware of those awesomely head-turning physique with every dam vain and muscle is visible in the changing room gulping fat pills just like candies and taking injections doses.

The truth is you can work your ass off, workout regularly, eat right, rest well and can get a descent physique BUT getting flawless shape like 6 packs, big chests and oversized biceps is only possible with those medicines which show great results in short term but definitely take toll on your body in long term.

It’s Your Body, Your decisions , Your Life.

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