Negative effects of a crash diet

When people are in a hurry to lose weight, they think a crash diet is the best idea. In these scenarios, while one may succeed in losing weight, the process of weight loss puts one’s health at risk. Additionally, the weight will be regained easily. The number of negative effects of crash diets are aplenty.

Let us first understand what a crash diet entails. Crash diets are of various forms. They can be a liquid only diet, a low calorie diet, a vegetables only diet, or less food with more exercise kind of combination diet among other things. So, a crash diet is essentially an extreme form of dieting in which one deprives oneself of a lot of food to lose weight rapidly.


As mentioned above, crash diets are not safe. The body does not get essential nutrients and the weight loss that takes place is largely temporary. Let us delve into the numerous negative effects of crash diets.


Lost weight is quickly gained back


Let’s face it. Crash diets are not suitable for the long term. And hence, when one starts eating normally post the diet period, the body puts on weight very quickly. Additionally, the water retention in the body increases, as the body is exposed to a new eating pattern, and hence weight gained is more.


It messes with your metabolism


While you may have seen your weight decreasing, you will start feeling more lethargic and tired. That is because crash diets lower the metabolism. When you stop giving your body adequate nutrients, the body begins to conserve whatever little food it receives as fat. As a result, it slows down your metabolism, thus making you less energetic.


Your cravings increase


When you are starving yourself and keeping yourself off from junk food, your brain is in a shutdown mode, thus assisting you to keep away from it. However, once you regain normal eating, the brain goes into what’s called an overdrive. This means that when you start get off your diet, your brain signals your body to eat as much as possible as along as food is available. This leads to overeating which in turn destroys your body composition.


Shortage of nutrients


When you’re not eating a balanced diet and forcing your body to survive on few nutrients the body experiences a paucity of nutrients. This creates a deficiency of nutrients which can cause a lot of harm both physically and psychologically like reducing iron from bones, reducing minerals from bones, depression and other diseases.


Adverse effects on the hair and skin


When you go on a crash diet, you may drop those kilos, but your skin can become dull and you can lose your glaze. The loss of nutrients from your body may be induce hairfall and may degrade the quality of your hair.


Energy loss


Another major thing that happens when one goes on a crash diet is that one loses energy quickly. When the main source of energy that is food is lessened, it is known fact that the energy levels of the body will droop. Thus achieving the simplest of tasks will become difficult.


As one can deduce, crash diets are not a good idea. The negative effects of a crash diet stays with the body even after the lost weight has been regained. As opposed to a crash diet, eating everything in moderation is always the best alternative. That way one provides to the body what is needed in appropriate amounts and the body in turn generates a positive response by staying healthy and disease free.



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