Jogging is most easiest, simplest and cheapest way to stay lean and fit. It is a part of every fitness regime and you must add it to yours if it is yet missing. It forms the building blocks of your strength training and is a must in enhancing stamina and endurance.

There are a lot of health benefits attached to jogging. It helps in lowering cholesterol, maintaining healthy blood pressures, improves the level of good fats and most importantly keeps your heart healthy.

If you look at calories, you burn the most in jogging and running than any other form of exercise. Even more than swimming and cycling. Test it yourself and you’ll know it.

If you are short of time or do not have a proper running track then treadmill is a good option. Although calories burnt while running outdoors are higher compare to running on the treadmill. Researches have found if you set the treadmill at 1 level elevation it will equal things out and burn same number of calories. For example, the calories burnt with a distance of 5 kms will be almost same wether you run outdoors or run on a treadmill with level 1 elevation.

It’s an old saying that “anything in excess is bad” and that too in sudden excess could be damaging enough. Therefore, getting super exited and aiming to run 50 kms in the first week is not advised at all.

It is of vital importance to take care of various things like running posture, shoes while jogging or running, gear to wear while jogging, distance covered etc.

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