Importance of taking progress photos.

The internet is flooded with so many things related to health these days. Diet, exercise routines, diseases – you name it, the internet has it. One thing that has become quite common these days is progress photos. As the name suggests, progress photos are pictures taken at regular intervals to check the progress of your weight loss journey. While it may not be the most interesting thing for you to watch the before and after pictures of some random stranger on the internet, progress photos (with or without showcasing them to the world) can actually help you during your weight loss journey and make you determined to achieve your goals.
So why are progress photos important? Let’s take a look at the reasons as to why you should include progress photos in your weight loss expedition.

The number on the scale is not everything

If you are trying to lose weight by exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet, tilting of the needle to the right on the weighing scales can be a nightmare for you. More so, it can shatter your confidence and your determination to move forward. The number on the weighing scales can be misleading. If you have gained muscle then your weight will be more because muscles weight more than fat. As a matter of fact, in case you have your diet under control and are exercising well, you may not look fat even though the weighing scales may say otherwise. Also, weight fluctuations may be caused by other reasons like hormonal changes, constipation, the weather. So simply, relying on the weighing scale to track weight loss is moot. This is why progress pictures are important.


Let’s say you have been exercising sincerely for two weeks. In the third week you start feeling like getting back to your old ways. You start feeling maybe if you eat that chocolate bar nothing will happen. You may even stop exercising. So, why does this happen? No one is holding you accountable for your weight loss. On the contrary if you take pictures regularly, you can stay on track. You can see where you are progressing and where your progress is stagnant. You can show the pictures to the people like your trainer or experts who can guide you properly.

Pictorial proof of your change

Your first few pictures may not show the huge transformation that you are looking forward to but the eventual ones will. You will be witness to your transformation which will give you confidence to reach your ultimate goal.

TIP: Always make sure that your progress pictures are taken in the same attire, time and location and also in the same pose to maintain the consistency and increase accuracy of the progress. The picture should include your entire body and should contain several different poses so that one can track the progress of each portion of the body. So the next time you think of stepping on the scales pick up your camera instead and go click, click!



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