Importance of Core Strength

In today’s times maintaining a good physique has become increasingly imperative. While external appearance does take precedence, what is more important in today’s fast paced world is internal fitness. One of the most effective ways to stay internally fit and strong is to maintaining a strong body core. Strengthening one’s body core doesn’t just mean getting a flat stomach or 6 pack abs. It means improving balance, posture and flexibility and also metabolism. Maintaining a strong body core is extremely important for people of all ages. The core is fundamental for all of a person’s body movements.

Before we deliberate on why strengthening the core is important let us first understand core muscles. The core muscles include all the muscles in one’s torso that keep the body balanced and well aligned, thus enabling a person to carry out day to day activities. They include the muscles directly attached to the spine, also called as stabilizer muscles and the muscles that support the stabilizer muscles.


So what do core strengthening exercises include?  From planks to yoga to pilates, every form of exercise can be used to strengthen the core muscles. The first step and the most important one is to get involved in a physical activity. Change your lifestyle from sedentary to active. Wake up early in the morning and exercise for an hour 5 days a week. Include stretching poses in your workout. Pay attention to your posture. Start with simple exercises and gradually move on to challenging ones.

Now let’s look at 5 important reasons as to why you should look forward to strengthening your core muscles.

  1. It will keep injuries at bay – Building core stability and core strength will improve overall fitness and make a person less prone to fitness. When your core is strengthened, your movements are strong and free from pain.
  2. It will protect your inner organs and central nervous system – When you exercise and eat right, it’s not just because you want to look good on the outside. Its also because your vital organs function properly. Your core is inclusive of these organs and the central nervous system. So, keeping a strong core will protect your organs and your veins and arteries.
  3. It’ll rid you of back pain – The main reason why you are afflicted with back pain is because your back happens to be stronger than your abdomen, thus putting a lot of pressure on it. If the both are balanced out, then the pain will automatically vanish. So, if you strengthen your core, you strengthen your back too.
  4. It’ll give you amazing posture – Have you noticed how when a person with a slumped posture walks into a room, he doesn’t make much of an impression. A good posture is important not only for health reasons but also to make an impression and look confident.
  5. You will look great – Now that you have worked so hard, the compliments will be endless. A toned and strong body will make you look great and also inspire you to be fitter!

So, set that early morning alarm clock from tomorrow and start working out!

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