Five food myths while aiming muscle building.

A toned physique is a dream for many. This is probably why the craze behind muscle building never dies down. Muscle building is no mean feat. One has to exercise hard and eat the right food in appropriate amounts. Everybody wants to look good and some go ahead on the journey of a dream physique. Sculpting the right physique has different approaches for everyone due to the different body types. There are those who look ways for loosing fat and there are those who only aim of getting big and building monster muscles.

I have seen many of the guys aiming at getting big and buffed start following whatever they are told by fellow gym freaks, novice trainers and other non-reliable sources.

Here is the thing: always remember, as everyone has different metabolism, body mechanism, hormones and body types so you have to try and learn what is suiting you and which foods and exercises will give you the optimum results. There can never be a set strategy for everyone as far as the muscle building is concerned. But yes of course, while losing weight set strategies come handy and useful but if you are gunning for muscle building- it is an art and cannot be generalized.

However, when it comes to diet, there are many myths revolving around foods to eat or avoid in order to build muscles. Let us take a look at these myths and the facts that oppose them.

The no carbs at night rule

breads and carbs

When one is trying to build muscle, most of the diet plans prescribe a limitation on carbohydrates and not eating carbs at night. It is said that eating carbs at night can lead to weight gain and thwart muscle development. However, on the contrary several studies have proved that if you work out in the evening you need to have a good diet to end the day and even otherwise in the right amount is not only good for the body but also helps in losing weight as it makes you feel satiated and prevents you from eating more. Skipping a meal in night means your body will lack nutrition for at least next 7-8 hours and hinder your muscle growth while you are at rest. (While you work out muscles break down and while you rest they grow)

The high protein rule

Fish and chicken

Protein is definitely important for building muscle and for the proper functioning of muscles. However, the fad that high intake of proteins will increase size considerably and that it should be eaten a lot is a wrong approach to body building. The golden rule is intake of everything in moderation. Consuming excess protein can be detrimental to one’s health. This could include weight gain(no muscle), extra body fat storage, dehydration, yeast overgrowth, adverse effect on kidneys and more.

 Too many bananas and too much milk

Banana and Milk

While banana is undoubtedly a healthy fruit and milk a holistic food component, either when eaten in excess causes bodily harms. Bananas are a great source of potassium and when eaten in excess can cause hyperkalaemia which causes nausea and can decrease pulse rate. Most health experts recommend no more than two bananas in a day. We’ve all grown up watching how people with great physiques have gulped down liters of milk day in day out. So, how bad can a good thing be? According to research findings, drinking excess of milk can increase toxicity in your body and impede your muscle functioning and growth. Hence, it is best to drink it in moderation.



Strength training is an important aspect of muscle building and should be given prime importance. However, a major problem in the approach to muscle building is that aspirants end up resorting to over-training. Trying to lift as many weights as possible is not the key solution. On the other hand it may lead to serious injuries. While intense training is important in muscle building, adequate rest is also equally important. Over-training can cause numerous damages like abysmal pulse rates, muscle injury, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue and dehydration among others. To avoid this one must start slow and make gradual increases in training intensity as opposed to opting for maximum training right from the start. One must couple this with a balanced diet and appropriate amounts of rest.

Deleting the yolk from the diet

Egg yolk

Eggs are one of the best sources of proteins and when it comes to muscle building proteins are one of the most important inclusions in one’s diet. However, the most common myth about eggs is that egg whites and not egg yolks are not ideal inclusions to a diet when it comes to building muscle as all the cholesterol is in the yolk. When one throws away the yolk, half the protein of the egg is lost. There are 6 grams of protein in a whole egg and only 3 grams in an egg white. The yolk contains fat soluble vitamins and more importantly increase your HDL cholesterol which is the good cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of a heart attack. I have noticed youngsters eating 8-12 eggs a day and all without yolks aiming to grow big.

So, instead of simply falling prey to myths and fads, eat intelligently and in the right amounts.



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