We all know that water is important for the proper functioning of our body. Water has numerous benefits and is one of the most essential elements responsible for our health. It serves as a lubricant, prevents dehydration, regulates body temperature, flushes out harmful toxins and helps transport valuable nutrients to the body. Despite that, drinking plain water all the time might get a bit boring for some people. So, to make your lives a bit better, we present to you 5 treats that you can drink in place of water and reap the same benefits. Continue reading 5 Watery Treats to Boost Your Water Intake

Steroids- A False Hopes

You must have gone through a lot of infomercials, videos and ads telling you that they know the secrets of getting rich and how to gain big money fast.

The same way you encounter n number of bodybuilders and fitness junkies on youtube, facebook, and almost everywhere on the web booting of how disciplined and motivated they have been to get to a carved and caricature type body they show off. Continue reading Steroids- A False Hope

Health clubs, Fitness Clubs or Gyms as they are popularly known, is the basic place (comes to mind first) to build body, get motivation, improve strength, become fitter and so on….

To some it is a second house, to some it is a place important their work place, to some it is a necessary devil and to some it is a temple. Many people various reasons and I am sure you must have had yours as well some time or the other for getting to the gym (irrespective of you continued or not).

To start your fitness regime either you must be very much motivated that you can start even without the gym or you drag yourself to the gym and feeling of so many people exercising drives your soul to press the initiate button.