In today’s times maintaining a good physique has become increasingly imperative. While external appearance does take precedence, what is more important in today’s fast paced world is internal fitness. One of the most effective ways to stay internally fit and strong is to maintaining a strong body core. Strengthening one’s body core doesn’t just mean getting a flat stomach or 6 pack abs. It means improving balance, posture and flexibility and also metabolism. Maintaining a strong body core is extremely important for people of all ages. The core is fundamental for all of a person’s body movements. Continue reading Importance of Core Strength

Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Channing Tatum, Jason Statham and Vanessa Hudgens have one thing in common apart from being celebrities. They all have super fit bodies. All these actors swear by this no less than miraculous exercise routine called the cross-fit training programme. And if you were introduced to it, you’d swear by it too.  Give yourself a month or two and dedicate yourself to this programme, a transformation is sure to follow.

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Cardio is extremely important for weight loss and a step in bringing in that sharp look to the muscles.. Getting your heart rate up aids in the fat burning process and keeps your heart healthy and increases blood circulation. Traditionally, cardio is done at the beginning of the workout. However, studies have proven that when cardio is done after strength or weight training, it accelerates fat loss. Let’s look at the reasons as to why this happens.

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A toned physique is a dream for many. This is probably why the craze behind muscle building never dies down. Muscle building is no mean feat. One has to exercise hard and eat the right food in appropriate amounts. Everybody wants to look good and some go ahead on the journey of a dream physique. Sculpting the right physique has different approaches for everyone due to the different body types. There are those who look ways for loosing fat and there are those who only aim of getting big and building monster muscles.

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Somehow, people still continue to believe that when exercise is concerned quantity takes precedence over quality. This is however not the actual truth. When it comes to lifting weights, it is very important that one does quality based exercised and not just countless reps which will simply waste one’s time and energy.

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