1. Spicy Food


Avoid eating spicy food in the morning as it creates acidic properties in your body which is not good for your body.

2. Black Coffee


Coffee contains caffeine which is acidic in nature that might cause heartburn and other digestive problems so it is better suggested to add some milk to it which will nullify its acidic nature.

3. Lemon Water


Again lemon is acidic in nature so it is not advisable to take lemon water on an empty stomach.

4. Alcohol


If taken without eating anything, the rate of alcohol absorption in your body will increase. And if this happens, then the alcohol may put a severe effect on your heart, kidney and liver.

5. Taking pills

man hand holding his nutritional supplemets, healthy lifestyle background.

Never take pills on an empty stomach rather it is advisable to replace water with milk. So next time if you take medicines then take with milk.

6. Cold Beverages


We are always told by our parents to start our day with some warm milk or tea but we instead we take ice tea or cold coffee which is totally wrong. These drinks may damage your digestive system while warm milk can boost your metabolism.

 7. Sugary foods or drinks


With the stomach being empty, sugar in the form of fructose in fruits can cause an overload on your liver. Processed sugar is even worse, so avoid breakfast desserts or overly sweet smoothies.

8. Raw Vegetables


Never eat raw vegetables on an empty stomach. As they are full of fiber which puts extra loads to your stomach. So eating raw vegetables is not so a good idea.

John F. Kennedy once said that “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” The statement is absolutely true and that is why if you observe people who have achieved their dream physiques you will realize that they have certain traits in common; whether physical or behavioral. That is because a dream physique is influenced by many factors. Today we are going to discuss each of them in the context of a dream physique. Let’s call them all the factors that lead to ultimate fitness’.

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