Are you using right grip for weight lifting?

Many people don’t know how to grip the bars, dumbells during workout which also causes some muscle injuries. So it is very much necessary to tight your grip and focus on how you lift the weight. Let us discuss how it is actually hold and how they are useful.


1. Hammer grip

This grip is used when you are doing biceps workout and during pull ups. The palms of your hands should be facing towards you. The wrist extensors are involved more so your wrists should be strong.


2. Overhand grip

This grip is mainly used during your back workout like barbell row. The palms of your hands should be away from you. Do not forget to hold tightly the grip.


3. Underhand grip

This grip is used when doing biceps exercises such as barbell biceps curls and reverse grip chin ups. In this grip, your palms should be facing towards you. Mostly it is used during back exercises too.


4. Hook grip This grip is mostly used during deadlift, kettlebell swing and pwer cleans. The thumb should be wrap around your fingers which will help to hold and lift the bar correctly.


5. Close and Wide grip

Close grip is holding the bar with closer grip. Close grip bench press minimises chest involvement and maximises triceps involvement. While the wide grip is wider than your shoulder width, and it maximises chest involvement more than triceps. Now when you hit to the gym next time use this grips and methods. Hope this article was useful for you and better know about this.



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