7 ways of loosing fat while pushing iron in the gym

Pump iron and lose fat!

Joined the gym recently? Wondering whether pumping iron is really the best pick? Now embrace strength training not to bulk yourself but to tone your body. How? Let us help you out. Ennumerated below are 7 important ways in which you can lose fat while pumping iron in the gym.




• Do aerobics – Adopting strength and endurance training as the sole form of exercise is not the best approach. You can combine your strength training with aerobic interval training. For example, after doing certain sets of certain strength training workouts, you can do 20 minutes of interval cycling and then resume strength training with other sets.






• Hydrate well – We all know the age old rule about drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water removes toxins from our body, lubricates it and helps it to work efficiently. When one is exercising, one loses water through sweat and breath. A well-hydrated person can exercise longer and recover faster.






• Say yes to cardio – Cardio improves heart rate, lowers the rate of heart risk and aids in burning fat. Include cardio in your training program to see best results.




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• Stretching is a must – One always undermines the importance of stretching before and after a workout. After indulging your muscles in intense activity it is important to release tension in the muscles. Stretching the main muscles like hips, thighs, chest, shoulders and ankles will reduce soreness, prevent injuries and improve blood flow and circulation.





• Don’t shy away from proteins, fruits and vegetables – Your intake of lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish, legumes, pulses, greens and fruits should be sufficient and the portions should be just about right. Proteins help build muscle and will help one lose weight.





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• Pay attention to your form, weights, sets and reps – It is extremely indispensable to adhere to the perfect form as far as weight lifting or strength training is concerned. Make sure you consult the right person or source to perfect your form. Stay in control of your lifts and movements, your breathing techniques and intensity of each phase of the lift. Keeping in mind the aforesaid things will keep injuries at bay. In the initial stage, pay more attention to doing your sets properly than increasing the number of reps.



• Take adequate rest – All work and no play- we all know what happens to Jack. Your exercise routine is incomplete without ample rest. Don’t do a particular routine every day. Space it out. Your muscles need rest as much as they need work. If you are doing a leg routine on a certain day, work out your hands and abs the next day. Work out for 5-6 days a week and take a day off and allow your muscles to recover.

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