7 most common excuses for not working out

There are those who are fitness fanatics and are very particular about their exercise regimen and diet. Then there are those who will always find excuses to skip their workout simply because they don’t like exercising. There are many who belong to the latter category. We all know that exercising is a hard work. One needs to invest time and energy to reap the benefits of exercise. So, it’s not surprising that many people find excuses to skip a workout. Let us look at the most common excuses that people who dislike exercising make to avoid a workout.

Don’t have time

Too late to workout

This is the classic excuse that people offer for not being able to exercise. One usually associates exercise with tiredness and hence one avoids workout. On the contrary it is the opposite. Exercise in the right amount coupled with a balanced and nutritious diet makes you energetic and keeps you fit and healthy. If you can’t dedicate an entire hour, start with 20 minutes. If you start being regular, you will feel more determined to workout more.


Exercise is boring

exercise is boring-2

Many people complain that they don’t feel like exercising because it is repetitive and boring. Well, the reason for this maybe either that you are doing an exercise that you dislike or doing the same thing over and over again. Try to switch workouts and do something that you enjoy. It could be dancing one day and swimming the other day. Try to make your workouts more varied and interesting.


Workouts are tiring

Tired male runner resting after training.

Of course, if you are working out and burning the calories then you definitely will be burnt out and tired. But it is equally important to take the proper diet and right foods to fuel your-self back to normal. Taking proper rest, eating required meals and drinking right amount of fluids with workouts is a vital part of a daily fitness regime.


No results


Most people leave their workouts half way because they claim to see no results. The most important thing that you have to remember is that losing weight or building muscle needs time and patience. The process is gradual and giving up in between serves little purpose. So, instead of giving up keep trying. Set realistic goals and follow your plan to the tee and results are sure to follow. Always remember the old saying “the Rome was not built in a day” and it indeed goes to everything you do in life.


I eat right


Well if this is your excuse, you really need to get some exercise. Only eating well won’t help you lose weight without sufficient exercise although, it your diet is 50% detrimental for the results you desire. You have to move your body and increase your metabolism to initiate the fat burning process or muscle building process.


Memberships are expensive


If that’s what you think then you haven’t looked at the plethora of options that you have. Not all workouts are expensive and there are numerous workouts that can be done at home. Besides the simplest workout, which is jogging and freehand, won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Too weak to workout


Sure, you are under the weather or is it just another flimsy excuse? There a lot of people I have come across at the gyms and fitness studios that are at the extreme end of the built-up index, either too skinny or too fat. Very soon they loose their confidence and zeal mostly because of people working out around them and their level of fitness compared to their own.

You have to forget everything and just have to focus on yourself. The only person you are competing is you and keeping that in mind will push you harder and make you better after every workout.

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