The number one thing that people love is to look good and be physically fit. Being fit means that you are healthy and most people start working out and also start changing their eating habits to better ones. Though a lot of guys are committed to this, there is a lot of misinformation concerning the matter out there hence leading to most people getting discouraged and even quitting. There are a lot of myths about weight loss and fat loss that people should avoid.

All Calories are equal.


Looking at weight loss, one of the myths is that all calories taken are equal. This is a big NO because different foods that we eat have different metabolic pathways in our bodies, thus they will have different effects on the hormones that determine our body weights. Protein calorie is way different from fat calorie because protein increases metabolism and reduces appetite hence improving the weight-regulating hormones.

Eat Less and Move More.


This kind of advice on weight loss is one that men and women should really avoid. Eating less and moving more actually does not do it especially to those with a serious problem like obesity. If they follow this myth, it might result to them adding up weight. This is just like telling a person with alcohol addiction to just drink less and they will be fine. Although it is very useful to keep lot of diseases at bay and making sure you do not accumulate more fat and keep an active lifestyle alive. Bottom line is just eating less and moving more is ineffective unless you undergo proper workout regimes and regular fitness programs.

Eating Breakfast is most essential in loosing fat.


Yes it is true that people who skip breakfast tend to weigh more. But this theory was recently ruled out after 309-member team of men and women did a research on the matter and 4 months down the line, it really didn’t matter if you skip breakfast or take it.

Carbs Increase Fat.

carbs increase weight

This is another myth that is very misleading. Low fat carbs actually help you reduce weight. This is scientifically proven. If the protein intake is kept high and the carbs low, then you will lose weight. In 1980 is when the obesity epidemic started but people have been taking carbs in many years before that. So carbs are not the cause of obesity.

Drinking Ice Cold Water reduces Fat.

ice cold water

Moving on to fat lose we have myths like the drinking of ice cold water. Some even go ahead and say you should take 8 glasses which will burn 70 calories. The temperature of the water you take actually does not determine the amount of fats you are going to burn.

Doing Cardio Early in the Morning on an Empty Stomach Kills the Fat.


This is another hilarious myth that most people believe. It honestly does not matter the time you work out the only thing that matters is if you do it well. Most people work out early in the morning because most of them, that’s the only time they have. People should see the bigger picture because fat and calorie burning always goes on for a whole day.It really does not matter what time you exercise.

Frequent Eating Will Reduce Fat Because it Ramps Up Metabolism.

frequent meals

This is another crazy myth. It’s actually one of the oldest myths that fails to die. There has never been any scientific proof that supports the theory. Studies show that the metabolism is the same regardless of the frequency of meals used in a day.

These myths are so many in the society and internet today and have contributed greatly to disappointments in weight and fat loss. People should actually do their research on anything told concerning weight and fat loss.




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