6 Reasons why you should love Squats

Squats are great for the lower body and core muscles and most importantly the thighs and buttocks. We have been exposed to squats ever since we were a child.

Squats can improve circulation, posture, digestion and are a low impact exercise that almost anybody can do. They target muscle groups like quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips, calves and spine. They produce stress that is beneficial to the body. Below are some of the main reasons for you to start loving squats the way you love biceps and chest exercises.


Stimulates Testosterone

If you want to grow big naturally then squats are a must. When you do squats, your body releases testosterone which is a muscle building hormone and a significant one in building up muscles. It builds up not just lower body but overall. You need to go as heavy as possible and at least thrice a week and you will see the results after a months time.

Strengthens Core

When you do squats you need to have a right balance all through the movements. Your core is always at the work while squatting hence making it stronger and full of strength.

Improves overall efficiency

It without doubts improves the overall efficiency of your body. Squat is the only exercise which is always a part of any training method be it multi-function, weight training, cardio, HIT etc. and any target be it building muscles or loosing fat etc. Every athlete, sports person, body builder or everyone related to fitness and physical activity performs squats.

Stronger Lower body

Needless to say, your lower body gets most of the tension while squatting and every muscle under your belly comes to play and gets benefited. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips, calves all gets strengthened.

Shapes the Butts

Oh yeah, it does that very well and the denims you wear look awesome because of the perfect shape you get after times of squatting. Not just ladies but guys as well look for that perfect look as it plays a great role and portraying the definition of your overall body. You must have come across a lot of Johnny Bravos’ who are big at the top but when you look down you see tight fitted denims and feel they forgot to train their legs all these years.

Calorie Consumption

Yes it is true. When you Squat you burn the highest calories than any other body part. You will feel it yourself once you do it. It is a simple logic…you are training most of your lower body with just squatting. Your hamstrings to quads and core to spine everything comes in to play. It’s a famous saying “No Sweat No Beauty, NO Squat No Booty”


Basic Squats

Basic squats

These are the beginner squats. If you have never followed any squat regime then these are the ones to be considered. Also great for warmup before any variation of a weighted squats. Stand straight with core tight and legs spread shoulder wide, then go down to a level where your legs bend at a rate of at least 90% and repeat. Imagine an invisible chair behind you and go down till that level. Remember your heels must always be sticking to the ground while doing the full range of movement. As the name suggests every other variation of squatting follows the basic one.

Barbell Squats

Barbell squats

Place the bar behind your head, resting on your back shoulders. Grip the barbell with both your hands and follow the range of motion as in Basic Squats. Go slow and keep on increasing every week. Remember always keep your chest up and never leave heels off the ground. You should always be pushing with your heels and not toes.  If you are not sure about the weights then you must have a spotter around in case you need help.

Front Barbell Squats


This has the most chances of injury if proper caution is not taken. It shall better be performed if a squat rack is available as it helps in lifting the weight properly. The balance here is of the utmost key and you don’t want to mess with it. In here the barbell is  placed over your front shoulders are most vulnerable to loose balance.

Dumbbell Squats

Dumbell Squats

Hold dumbbells in both your hands and perform the basic squat movement. Your hands will remain on sides all the time.

Sumo squats


As the name suggests, you start in a sumo stance. Stand with your legs wider and your knees facing in the opposite directions. You do full range of motion in sumo style. You can add resistance to sumo squats by adding weights to it be dumbbells or kettle bells. Sumo squats puts more emphasis on glutes and inner thigh abductors.

Kettle bell squats

Kettlebel squats

Hold kettle bell in both your hands and perform the full range of motion for squats. Kettle bells can be used with both- basic squats and sumo squats.

Jumping squats

jumping Squats

Its simple, you jump and squat and that can be an explosive addition to your cardio routine as well.

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