5 things to keep in mind before starting a physical training!

You have finally added one thing, a rather important one to your to-do list – exercise. It is definitely a moment worthy of rejoice. Once you’ve decided to join the bandwagon of fitness and are now determined to stay healthy, you need get some things off your checklist before you start the process of physical training.

• Set your goals – Before you embark on the journey of fitness, setting a realistic goal for yourself is the most imperative thing on your list. If you have embraced this lifestyle change in order to lose weight, then set a weight loss target for each month. Tailor your exercise routine and diet to lose that amount of weight. Make sure your target can achieved in a healthy manner in a stipulated time. Don’t make unrealistic goals like losing 20 kilos in one month. You are simply welcoming danger if you resort to this.

• Select a fitness programme – As far as exercising is concerned, you have to understand the importance of ‘’to each his own.’’ Just because your neighbor is a gymnast doesn’t mean you start doing flips tomorrow unattended. If zumba and yoga works for you, it can be running and martial arts for the other person. Take time to explore which exercise routines your body responds to best and which ones you enjoy the most. If exercising is novel to you, start out slow. If you’ve done some form of exercise before and have benefited from it, it is always good to recommence exercising with the same regimen. You can wait for your body to get used to some form of exercise and then adopt more challenging regimes.

• Too much of anything is bad – Exercising daily lowers the rate of heart risk, keeps one’s muscles and bones strong and controls obesity. Being meticulous about your fitness routine is comprehensible but exercising till you land yourself in the hospital is borderline psychotic. Don’t go overboard in the process of trying to get everything right. If you are in pain or are sick, consult a doctor. Stop and assess where you are going wrong and take help from experts.

• Gauge your capabilities – Not everyone can be a gymnast, right? The same way in which not everyone can be an athlete. Decide what you are capable of and what suits your body best. If you enjoy dancing, you can keep in shape by dancing. You can jog or run, do yoga, go to the gym, go hiking. You have a plethora of choices. You just have to choose one that works for you best.

• Know when to stop – The very fact that you have chosen the path to fitness and good health is good news. However, that hardly means you exercise maniacally without breaks and push yourself to the extreme. Your body needs rest as much as it needs exercise. Additionally, your body needs a proper diet. Don’t go on a hunger strike once you start your exercise routine. Eating scanty meals is not the right approach. It’ll only deprive your body of the essential nutrients.

• Listen to your doctor and your body – The importance of keeping your doctor in the loop cannot be stressed enough. Regardless of whether you are starting out on a new exercise routine or have resumed your workout after a long gap ensure that your body is responds well to the routine you have chosen. If you have grave health concerns like heart ailments, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, lung disease or any other infirmities, it is always advisable to check with your doctor before you indulge in an activity that may have adverse effects on your health as opposed to improving it.

Remember to take breaks and have fun. It’s exercising; it’s not the end of the world. Keep encouraging yourself to go one step further and reach your goal. Good luck!

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