5 Biggest Myths About Building 6 Packs Abs

In this fitness obsessed modern world, everyone wishes to have that ‘PERFECT BODY’. A chiselled six pack physique is the most sought after by fitness enthusiasts. However, if you are really after a six pack, you will have to do much more than mere crunches and sit-ups. Here are 5 greatest myths about the six pack that can thwart your progress to achieving it.

You can burn all the fat with crunches


Even if you do a zillion crunches in a day, it is not possible to get a sculpted abdomen simply because spot reducing abdominal fat is not possible. According to experts, abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym. Of course, exercise in the form of intensive strength training is necessary, but without a good diet, any exercise that you do is nullified by the adverse effects of a bad diet.

You have to do abs every single day


Let’s face it. Abs are also muscles at the end of the day. You won’t train your other muscles every single day, so why make your abs endure this torture? Even these need time to recover and respond. Instead of overworking your abs muscles, work them out two to three times a week and increase the intensity each time.

Repeating various ab exercises is all that matters

Do not repeat

When it comes to curving a “six packs”, increasing the number of reps for easy and basic exercises is not key. One has to constantly challenge one’s body. Quality must be prioritized over quantity.

Using a fat burner pill is all I need

Fat-burner pills

The solution to attaining a six pack cannot be found in a magic pill. Fat burner can cause you only harm. If you can afford to look like a malnourished creep please go ahead and indulge in fat burners. They eat up more muscles than fat in your body and is a very short term solution. And ‘Hell yeah’ they do more damage than good. And I can bet on that.There is no short and easy road to getting a six pack. A muscle building, fat burning diet along with effective training is all the magic that you need.

If I don’t have a six pack, genetics are to blame!

DNA and Genetics

Why blame your ancestors for something that you haven’t even tried getting? A lot of people incessantly crib about not being able to lose their belly fat owing to bad genes. The truth however is that if one makes better food choices and works out smartly, one can get into shape without trouble.

Achieving a six pack body is definitely difficult but far from impossible. One has to diligently follow several rules, and as long as one sticks to the rules and is perseverant, a six pack won’t be a dream for long. One has to eat small and frequent meals, drink a lot of water, avoid starvation, cut out on processed foods and alcohol, eat a lot of fiber and take multi-vitamins. Belly fat may be stubborn to lose but if you follow these instructions, you’ll get the better of it eventually.

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