4 common workout mistakes made by beginners

If you have decided to step on the fitness bandwagon, it is perhaps the best decision you have taken. Exercising regularly coupled with eating a balanced diet can do your body wonders. However, sometimes people tend to make some mistakes when they start out on a workout regime. Either they don’t see results despite daily exercise, or they are troubled with injuries or they are bored and quit too soon. Beginners to exercise often commit some mistakes that thwart their routine and as a result they do not get their desired results.
Let us look at the most common mistakes that newcomers to exercise make when they start out on a fitness program.

Mistake-1, Following the more the better myth

too much excercise

Falling prey to the more exercise you do the better results you’ll get notion is easy. Beginners often feel that quantity is key here. While it is true that pushing yourself to increase your endurance level is good, but going overboard is never a good thing. If you mindlessly keep increasing the number of reps and shooting up the intensity level of your workouts, you are readying your body for injuries. Instead you should listen to your body and go with the flow. Start with minimum and slowly climb up the ladder of intensity. Unlike popular notion, it is the quality of exercise that matters and not quantity.

Mistake- 2, Assuming that faster reps is the key to success

Lifting weights

When we commence a new fitness routine, we are determined to get the best out of it. As a result of which we tend to overwork our bodies on the first few days by trying to do everything. This includes the tendency to do your exercise sets at a rapid pace. Doing weight lifting and strength training too fast raises blood pressure and increases the risk for injuries at the joints. As a results of the workout do not match one’s expectations. Even though it is important to complete your sets, it is more important to do them at the right pace and under the guidance of an expert.

Mistake- 3, Following everyone’s advice


When one begins an exercise routine, one usually gets a plethora of advices of people. While advice is good, advice from multiple sources can lead to a lot of confusion. If we end up following everyone’s advice, it will lead to chaos. Make sure you have complete knowledge of something before acting on it. Take time to decide which exercise form will suit you best and take it up accordingly. Remember, never ask everyone you see around. Choose a mentor and follow his or her advice for a certain time period and then asses the results and your decision to continue following or change.

Mistake- 4, Not paying enough attention to isolation movements

Holding Barbell

When it comes to strength training, isolation exercises are as important as other exercises. Beginners often opt out of isolation movements. Isolation exercises target a particular muscle group. Different things work for different people and hence it is important to identify which isolation movements work best for you.
So, if you have made exercise an important part of your life now, then congratulations.
You can pay attention to these commonly committed mistakes by beginners and concoct and follow an exercise plan out of which you will gain maximum benefits.

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