Deadlift is a very simple and effective exercise if it is done in a right way. It helps in improving your stronger back and core. It focuses on hamstrings, glutes and lower back of your body.

Let us discuss some techniques to do it in a right way.

1. Your feet should be narrower than your shoulder width.

2. Place the bar somewhere between against your shins and at the middle of your foot.

3. When you bend down don’t let your chest down but keep your chest up and breath in and out while doing                        each rep.

4. Many people do this mistake while bending down. Move down towards the bar by pushing your hips back not               by squatting straight down.You should feel tightness in your hamstrings and hips.

5. Keep your shoulders back and down and engage your lats.

6. Don’t move your head too much down or up try to keep it neutral.

7. Ensure that your hips and shoulders move up simultaneously, don’t keep your hips up without raising your                    shoulders.

Start your workout with deadlifts and you’ll see the progress. The lighter the weights and fewer the sets per workout, the more often you can train the muscle group.

I hope this article was useful for you. So, just follow these easy steps and see the results.

Stay Strong!

It depends on what you mean by ‘weight loss’. There are a lot of people who always raise this question. These two modes of exercises have different outcomes and results. Let us have a look.

Cardio is always best for weight loss as it burns more calories than strength training. Doing cardio in a day removes all excess fat and water from your body.

Running, skipping, aerobics or dance are examples of doing a good cardio session. But by doing so much cardio, it will start to weaken your muscles.

So to strengthen those muscles, weight training is required too for the body. Weight training is as necessary as doing cardio. It will not only give overall strength to your body but also builds up your stamina too.

Muscle gain is always an outcome to this. Good strength and muscle tone are essential for functional living and health.

Most of the trainers will suggest you to do the both and actually by combining both of these in your workout will have a great result too.

Both have their own benefits and outcomes but it is always recommend to focus on both of these exercises.