If you have decided to step on the fitness bandwagon, it is perhaps the best decision you have taken. Exercising regularly coupled with eating a balanced diet can do your body wonders. However, sometimes people tend to make some mistakes when they start out on a workout regime. Either they don’t see results despite daily exercise, or they are troubled with injuries or they are bored and quit too soon. Beginners to exercise often commit some mistakes that thwart their routine and as a result they do not get their desired results.
Let us look at the most common mistakes that newcomers to exercise make when they start out on a fitness program. Continue reading 4 common workout mistakes made by beginners

You must have heard every now and then about how important it is to eat healthy, haven’t you??

With this fast paced and stress-filled modern world, our lifestyles have become such that we are constantly on the move. Our eating habits have also become such that we now prefer meals that can be consumed on the go and meals that satisfy our cravings. Inadvertently, in the process of resorting to these eating habits, we have invited a number of diseases. Clean eating can change all that. Eating healthy involves including all nutrients and food groups like carbohydrates, proteins and fats among others in right amounts. Now as the year begins, and most of us have made resolutions to stay healthy, let us look at the benefits of eating healthy. Continue reading 7 Benefits of Eating Healthy!