Health clubs, Fitness Clubs or Gyms as they are popularly known, is the basic place (comes to mind first) to build body, get motivation, improve strength, become fitter and so on….

To some it is a second house, to some it is a place important their work place, to some it is a necessary devil and to some it is a temple. Many people various reasons and I am sure you must have had yours as well some time or the other for getting to the gym (irrespective of you continued or not).

To start your fitness regime either you must be very much motivated that you can start even without the gym or you drag yourself to the gym and feeling of so many people exercising drives your soul to press the initiate button.

Jogging is most easiest, simplest and cheapest way to stay lean and fit. It is a part of every fitness regime and you must add it to yours if it is yet missing. It forms the building blocks of your strength training and is a must in enhancing stamina and endurance.

There are a lot of health benefits attached to jogging. It helps in lowering cholesterol, maintaining healthy blood pressures, improves the level of good fats and most importantly keeps your heart healthy. Continue reading Jogging