Natural fat burners which can be prepared at home

When it comes to fat burners, most people think that they are a specialty of specific stores. As opposed to this belief, there are a lot of natural fat burners that can be prepared in the comfort of your kitchens in no time. You can drink them to stay in shape and keep yourself healthy on the inside unlike fat burner pills which may have a lot of side effects. Please note these are the ones which offer results to your body only when you make them part of your lifestyle (which is quite easy) whereas for shortcuts you have those so called fat-burners available at various supplement stores.

Let’s take a look at a few of these magic potions.

Lemon juice, ginger and honey with warm water

Lemon and Honey

If you’re trying too hard to shed those pounds, this concoction may be your saviour. Drinking lemon juice and honey in warm water in the morning on an empty stomach has a plethora of benefits. Lemon helps flush out toxins from the body and the honey helps moisturize the skin. Most importantly the drink acts as a fat burner and majorly helps in weight loss.

Strawberry and kiwi detox drink

strawberry and Kiwi

This delectable detox water has strawberries and kiwis and is perfect for summers. In a container pour 2 litres of water. Chop a couple of strawberries and a couple of kiwis and add them to the water. Keep the container in the fridge for a couple of hours and voila! Your drink is ready. Kiwis are rich in vitamins A and E and help the body get rid of free radicals and help cleanse your colon. Strawberries are powerful antioxidants and also help in weight loss.

Aloe water

Aloe vera

The multitude of benefits that Aloe Vera offers has been long known. However, what is not widely known is that one can add it to one’s water and make it a fat burner. It not only helps in blood circulation and digestion, but also with increase of metabolism and elimination of fatigue, thus aiding weight loss.

Black Coffee


The effects of coffee on one’s health are largely debatable. However, many experts believe that coffee, when prepared in the correct manner can contribute positively to the weight loss process. One must have their coffee black or with little or no milk and minus the sugar and cream. Coffee has fat-burning properties and can boost calorie burning. So don’t worry about having that cup of coffee without guilt.

Green tea

Green Tea

The numerous benefits of the ever so good green tea has been long preached by experts. According to studies, people who consume green tea about thrice a day experience increased calorie burning in a 24 hour period. This is assured to increase weight loss over a period of time.

So here are the 5 magic potions that you can prepare in your kitchen and reap their benefits. Be sure to drink up whenever you have the chance.



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