10 mistakes people make with their diets

Greetings – seekers of fitness! If you have been on that diet for months now and yet the dreaded weighing scale refuses to budge, don’t throw it in someone’s face or out of the window. Maybe that diet you are following isn’t for you or you have been doing it wrong. Yes, there is a possibility that you been making some mistakes in your diet that is encumbering your weight loss goals.  But this is not a reason for you to worry. We have delineated some common mistakes people make with their diets that can help you figure out what you can do to lose weight the right way.

Removing carbs from your diet 

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Your favorite movie star announced that he or she stays away from this feared food group and you like a diligent fan have decided to follow suit. If you have done this you are simply looking at short-term goals, which you may or may not achieve. Eliminating entire food groups from your diet disrupts your body system. Carbohydrates are one of the most important components required for your body. According to nutrition experts, an ample amount of carbohydrates is essential for one’s brain and muscles to work properly. What is important however is eating the right kind of carbs rather than bidding goodbye to carbs altogether. Refined grains are a strict no-no. But there is no reason not to inculcate the good carbs like whole grains and fiber-rich grains in your diet.

Eating ‘low-fat’ food

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The grocery stores are stocked with all the ‘healthy stuff’’ and you are happily gorging on those because well they are “healthy.” What you fail to realize is that the low-fat yoghurt or nachos or cheese you just bought may do you more harm than good. When fat is removed from these ‘diet’ foods, more salt, sugar and additives are added to make these products taste good. So the next time you buy a product that says low fat, make sure to check the nutrition label.

Eating the same thing day in and day out 

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Oatmeal for breakfast, grilled chicken and salad for lunch and grilled chicken and soup for dinner. If your diet chart reads something like this then you will die of boredom in the first week itself. The thing about eating healthy is that it can always be fun. Get creative with your meals. You have an array of ingredients to choose from and you can be the best judge of how you can cook something that can be tasty and healthy at the same time.



If you are associating starving with becoming thin, you couldn’t be more wrong. Food is fuel for your body. And without food your body won’t function. If you are heavily counting on that one meal you eat throughout the day for you to lose weight, you will be disappointed. Starving will mess with your metabolism and you won’t be able to exercise and your sleep patterns will be adversely affected.

Cutting out fat completely

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Eating everything in moderation is the golden rule. Unsaturated fats and oils found in olives, nuts, fatty fish, etc. have plenty of health benefits. These fats help control insulin and blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Assuming exercise will make up for everything

working out alone in the gym

You put in an hour at the gym or go running for 40 minutes or successfully complete that intensive zumba class. You are happy with yourself, which is completely justified. But if you reward yourself later with fried chicken or a Krispy Kreme, you’re on the wrong path. Just because you exercise, you don’t get a license to eat whatever junks you want. Exercise should be paired with a healthy and balanced diet in order to be fit and healthy.

Not eating enough protein

Protein and more

Proteins are an indispensable component of your diet. They are an important food group and help build muscle and lose weight. Eat lean meats like chicken, fish and turkey, and pulses to help build endurance.

Not eating the right portions 

portion sizes

If your idea about portion sizes is distorted, you need to do some homework. Too much or too little is harmful. You need to balance out all food groups in your meals.

Not eating enough veggies

veggies and all

That grilled chicken alone won’t help you. You need your share of greens and other vegetables for ensuring intake of adequate fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Not drinking enough water


Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is an absolute must. Water is your best friend. Water keeps you hydrated, flushes out toxins, boosts your immune system, helps in digestion and improves your skin tone among other benefits.

Avoid making these aforesaid mistakes and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise. Concentrate on long term goals as opposed to short term ones. All the best!

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