Train Insane or Remain the same.

3 things that lead you to your goals: Discipline, Austerity, Hard Work.

The Only place where success comes before hard work is the dictionary.

Body Building

Body Building



Basics of a good workout

Before you step out for a new beginning, you need to make sure to follow basics of physical activity.

Warm Up for Good

Whip Out the Rigidity, Boost Your Workout Performance and Prevent Injuries by Activating Motions in Body.

Go Slow, Haste Invites Trouble

Avoid Rush; Adapt Yourself to a Body Change Where Every Bit of Your Goal is Slowly Accomplished.

Plan Ahead in Advance

A Blind Run to Your Fitness Mission Will Take You Nowhere. Focus, Decide and Plan Your Exercising Moves with Total Diligence.

Discipline, a Must

Worship The Fittest You; Keep Your Discipline Levels High,Stick to Your Regimen, and Track Your Results Regularly.

No Excuses

Excuses Shouldn’t Bog You Down. Strip Your Lazy Goings and Wear Your Fitness Passion on Sleeves to Attain a Rich-Toned Body.

No Pain, No Gain

Pain is Inevitable When Challenges Are Long and Tough. Battle it Out with Sheer Force and Let Fitness Be Your Ultimate Win.